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Hey guys! I'm so happy to finally share with you guys my new website that I've been
working on for a long time now sylviemus.com ! I will no longer be posting anything
on this blog as I've moved everything over to the new site. I wanna thank all of you who
have been following me on this blog for as long as you have and I hope that you guys will follow
me over at sylviemus.com and join me on this new and exciting adventure on my own
independent platform!!!

Love, Sylvie


Floral dress

Similar bomber jacket HERE / MONKI turtleneck / vintage dress / ASOS boots

Hey guys! I decided to try something new and wear a floral dress. Two
things I hardly ever wear the first being prints and the second a dress (except the
occasional slip dress). I've had this dress for quite some time now but I was kinda saving
it for summer because I think this would look super nice with a pair of open heels and no
shirt underneath, but then I was like whatever I'll wear it now! So I did, layered over a thin
turtleneck and covered by a blue bomber jacket which I think creates an unexpected
contrast to the feminine shape of the dress. This is definitelly one of those never say never
moments because I remember saying I'd never be into floral prints or prints in general and
now I'm totally obsessed with this dress, haha! But that's my favorite thing about
fashion, that you can always try new things and find new inspiration.
Hope you guys have an amazing day!!

xo Sylvie